Bronze and glow in a budget….


Usually a drugstore bronzer doesn’t impress you right away however with this one the second we laid our eyes on this product something about the packaging and scent just attracted us into using it and wanting to actually try it on our face.

 Butter bronzer

What do we like???

For starters when you do swatch it, it is very pigmented compared to your usual drugstore products. Sometimes a swatch pigmentation is usually stronger than on your face but with this bronzer it does stay pigmented on your face. Another occurring problem in bronzer’s is that a lot of them can be very orange but with this we don’t see the orange at all just bronze glow. There is so shimmer which is a positive because bronzers that have shimmer don’t blend well, even though there isn’t shimmer there is still a glow to it because it isn’t drying out.


Overall, we would recommend this because it is really good for the price since it is so affordable. Personally, it’s probably the only drugstore bronzer we love, and we are very picky with our makeup!