T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask


T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel off Mask draws out impurities and peels away blackheads to help unclog pores and keep skin clear. Activated Charcoal and Bamboo Extract unblock pores and peel away blackheads. Enriched with naturally moisturizing and skin softening Urea and soothing and protecting Allantoin.


Benefits and usage of T-zone charcoal and bamboo black peel off mask

t-zone face mask


The T-Zone is the part of your face that is comprised of the brow, nose, chin and area orbiting the mouth. This territory is known as the T-Zone since it is formed like the letter T. Mostly, the T-Zone is oiler than whatever is left of the face since it has a higher measure of oil glands.

As far as viral beauty trends go, there'sno denying that black peel-off face masks are the showstopper’s this year.  The masks themselves have had a bad rap for being too harsh on the skin. 

T-zone charcoal & bamboo peel off mask purifies the pores without causing unnecessary stress on the skin. Well, thanks to its moisturizing properties.  Probably it says, not to use it every week but it's a great addition to the beauty arsenal for when pores need to be put through their paces.T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off maskdraws out impurities and peels away blackheads to help unclog pores and keep skin clear. Enriched with naturally ultra-purifying charcoal and bamboo extract to absorb excess oil and leave the skin purified. And not to forget, it is definitely ALCOHOL FREE.

Everyone’s seen the viral videos of charcoal, peel-off masks gone wrong so we can imagine what you all would have gone through to try it out for the first time. Well, Blackheads are one of the many banes in many of the lives, But as promised of ‘peeling away’ those pesky dirty dots that decorate the T-zone, Its easy for everyone to trust ourT-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask .




T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off maskhas been specifically formulated to:


  1. Draw out dirt and excess oil
  2. Help remove impurities
  3. Unclog pores


Steps for Using the T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask


Step 1: Cleanse

Begin by cleansing your face with the T-zone charcoal & bamboo Ultra purifying face wash and pat your face dry. This guarantees the sum total of what cosmetics has been evacuated and any earth or oil sitting over your skin doesn't meddle with the cover.

Step 2: Steam

Next steam your face for 2-3 minutes or set up the skin with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes to open pores. Or on the other hand, if by any chance you've recently had a shower or bath, the steam from the water will open your pores as well! This is an extremely vital advance as it enables the T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask to take hold of soil and oil blocking pores and lift them clean away. Pat dry your face a while later.

Step 3: Apply

Apply a medium and even layer to regions inclined to polluting influences, for example, the nose, side of nose, brow and jaw. We prescribe you apply to these areas first before attempting on whatever remains of your face. Stay away from the eye region, eyebrows, hairline and lips in light of the fact that the T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask can end up really painful to expel from these areas.

Step 4: Wait

Leave to dry for 30 minutes or until completely dry.

Step 5: Peel

After it's totally dry, tenderly and gradually peel off the T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask from the external edges and wash off if any residue. If the skinreally feels excessively awkward or irritated, making it impossible to peel off, evacuate by rinsing with warm water.

Step 6: Done

At long last, look at all the gunk the cover has expelled from your pores! Your skin will feel cleaner and smoother, and additionally your pimples and pores will be less visible.


Well we hope lives are much easiernow by knowing how to use the T-zone charcoal & bamboo black peel off mask.Purify your skin and lift dirt and oil away with our award-winning Black Peel off Mask. Who would love to try this?!


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