Bean body coffee bean scrub exfoliator with coconut is amazing, when we first saw this we were hesitating about using this on our skin because the main ingredient here is coffee. However, coffee has a lot of benefits to the skin such as reducing cellulite and even reduction for ingrowth in the skin. When we first picked it up we immediately found the packaging appealing because it is simple and it has all the necessary details that are required on the packet itself.

bean body scrub

We really love the scent because when you do use it your whole shower smells amazing and it lasts long on your skin.

The only downfall could be that it may seem ‘expensive’ but I disagree because the price is worth it for the quantity and quality both of this scrub.

There aren’t many scrubs like this available at this price so overall, we think that this is worth the price and with this a little does go a long way which also means one packet will last you really long. Keeping in mind that this is cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free so it is benefiting everyone at the end. We would highly recommend this product as it is something we have been loving for a while now and there is a wide range of scents to choose from, such as coconut, vanilla and many more.